What is MTDV Today?

MTDV stands short for Metadevelopment.

We call it "a learning environment".

The Goal

Our goal is to create an environment where software developers can efficiently reach their goals, get real measurable objective results both in career and personal life and help others do the same.

We aim to help you get the boost in your personal and professional growth, taking in account whatever meaning success has for you personally.

We will teach you how to apply your skills, engineering process and scientific methods to efficiently overcome day-to-day challenges. We will nudge you to make experiments on your lifestyle and career, and share your results with others.

Our Beliefs

We believe that everyone can be a great software engineer creating meaningful Value for others and living a balanced and fruitful life.
We believe one can achieve that by constantly investing reasonable time and effort into learning and practicing, adjusting to the current environment, embracing change and staying open for new ideas.
We believe that even today the most efficient way of learning is a master-apprenticeship model, a peer-to-peer learning.
That's why we are building a mentoring network of like-minded people who follow their passion for creating Value with technologies.

Our core values are:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Long-term Thinking
  3. Fundamental Knowledge
  4. Humanity and Purpose
  5. Pragmatism and Experiments
  6. Efficient Learning

We also value Growth Mindset, Essentialism, Self-Awareness, Sustainable life balance and creating Value for other.


  1. Is it another coding school?

    We are not a coding school. Tech skills will give you initial growth during the first 5 years. We are focusing on long-term professional growth and generic life skills.

  2. Why there is a need for another software development community?

    Most communities are based on "being a good programmer" idea. We are based on "being a good human being" idea. Though, we still emphasise engineering and professionalism.

  3. Why creating another coaching/mentoring service?

    MTDV is closest to our target audience - we know the problems and solutions. We have already helped tens of people around us to become better and reach their goals.

  4. How do you know your ideas work?

    We have been testing our ideas for several years and in 2016 we were quite successful with the pilot run of our methodology. There are still a lot of hypothesis which we are going to verify. We try to be LEAN and we rely on your help and feedback.