Scala: Case Class from tuple!

There is a way to create a Case Class using the tuple. Put another way: you can use a Case Class as a function to create values from tuples.

// simple demo case class
case class Klass(a: String, b: String) {  
  println(a + b)

// usage

// dot notation
Klass.tupled(("hello", "world"))

//infix notation
Klass tupled  ("hello", "world")

// both calls output: helloworld

This means that you can use Case Class as a function:

val listWithTuples = ("hello","world") :: ("abra","kadabra") :: Nil

// infix notation
listWithTuples map (Klass tupled)  
// output: helloworld
// abrakadabra 

See the fiddle.

This works because:

  1. Case classes has the Companion Object, which is actually a FunctionN.
  2. Functions has the .tupled method, returning the function taking the arguments as a tuple.