Reintroducing Metadevelopment

I have a strange hobby, which some of you may be familiar with.

I am studying Software Engineering and it's influence on life from within the industry itself. Also, as a part of my hobby, I help people enter and survive the industry.

I have finally figured out what I want this hobby to be in a long run. That's why I am introducing you to the new Metadevelopment project.

"Metadevelopment" used to be my personal blog for dumping some of my philosophical ideas.

But there are much more things I am interested in. I just was not sharing those ideas widely and frequently. I preferred to experiment with the ideas I had using small groups of people. And as it is much more fun to experiment and get results than to write docs (I bet you can relate to that), I was not capturing the knowledge we all get.

The thing which really motivates me is helping other people become better at what they do and how they live 🔥💪.

Learning new things myself and sharing it with a small group of close friends is not a sustainable way of helping people within the industry. And this is what I want to change.

What do I want to build?

Me and my friends have decided to rethink "Metadevelopment".

Why is it called "Metadevelopment"? Because we believe that succeeding in the industry is not only succeeding in Software Development.

We are people and we do what we do for other people.

Personal development, social life, sustainable lifestyle are inherent elements of success and growth. We have seen a lot of software engineers who are missing these points, and we want to change that.

This is the reasoning we wanted to capture in the name.

So what is the plan?

For the last two years, I have experimented with methodologies and approaches, and came up with the following plan.

We are going to create a community of like-minded people to keep studying Software Engineering industry and help each other become better (called MTDV Club).

We are going to produce learning content, webinars and a coaching/mentoring methodologies and use them to build a mentoring network (called MTDV Pro).

We are going to grow world-class Software Engineers!

As a first step, I have assembled a team and created a Patreon page. Join us! 🙌

Why am I doing that?

I personally have spent last 10 years of my life trying to become a great software engineer. My motivation for that was to figure out how does one actually become a world-class software engineer?

I did not have any support at the beginning of my career. I had no one to guide me and had to rely on forums, chats and random people in the industry.
I've been through workaholism, burnouts, depressions and terrible projects where people were treated as coding machines.
I had tried to bootstrap startups with my friends, did several freelance and consulting gigs, worked both in outsourcing and product development.

The only constant thing during this time was that I mentored people during my journey. And they did great and got quite impressive results.

The best part? They have done it much faster and with much less friction than I did myself!

And this is what I want to turn into a system.

We believe it is possible to get to top 5% by consistently investing in your skills and growth a sensible amount of time utilizing knowledge and skills of others.

I got this belief the hard way. There were too many mistakes I've done:

  • I was a loner and bet only on my own skills for a long time.
  • I was looking at systems in isolation from people.
  • I was not seeking for existent expertise.
  • I did not accept help when I could.

Everything has changed because I've learned a lot from other people eventually. I had great mentors (even if they did not realize that!). I read great books. I have interviewed great people in the industry (again, they may not be quite aware of that).

Learning all of that the hard way taught me how hard and frustrating it may be to develop mastery and grow in our industry.

I want to help other people to live happily in the industry and not to survive it.

This is the reasons why I have created some projects you may have seen:

  • Ru Tech Chats. One of the best changes in my professional life has happened when I was introduced to Ukrainian software development community (Dev-UA). I believe those chats are insanely valuable.
  • Going to Production. A checklist of things one may want to address before pushing their code to production. It definitely has saved me hundreds of hours of sleep!
  • Every Programmer Should Know. A list of highly-valuable resources every programmer should learn and use once in a while.

I want to unify those efforts under a single initiative and multiply my efforts by accepting help and learning from others.

We do not need to reinvent the wheel and relive the history on our own. We do not need to spend weekends coding just to prove our worth to each other. We do not need to take the journey on our own.

Let's begin the journey together! 🚀