New Info Management Process: Organising My Curiosity

Hello, fellow reader!

I haven't been writing for a long time.

I've been to some changes in my life, which I have transformed into new plans and new lifestyle. I will blog about it someday when I will achieve most of the things planned and the results are sustainable :)

Meanwhile, I was thinking about my Information Flow management routine. You know, the way you gather, learn and share new info without going crazy with tools and processes.

The Process

I've come up with a simple process:

  1. I will treat curiosity-driven learning as a project.
  2. All links I encounter go to Wunderlist inbox.
  3. I crunch through the bits of information and gather all recaps in another list, called TWIL ("This Week I Learned") during the time denoted for my projects.
  4. I categorize the info I get using a set of Mind Maps (I will use so that I can share those maps)
  5. I post the aggregated report in a blog every week.
  6. I share the post via my twitter, and it gets automatically shared in my Facebook.

You can find this process depicted in a simple mind map :)

The "Why?"

This way I will have more motivation to recap the content and figure out the most important bits.

Also, it will automatically enhance my blogging frequency and batch all "here is a nice link" posts in twitter and other media.

And the most important part - I can manage the process as any other project I have.

I believe, this is a much better approach for me personally. And it may be quite useful for you, dear reader.

You can expect posts to contain topics like software development, psychology, self-development, business and startups.

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Stay tuned!