Let's make a thought experiment.

Imagine the world, where there is no citizenship bound to you based on the fact, that you were born on a certain territory.

And you can freely enter any territory in the world without visas.

And there are a set of transparent rules:

  1. Probation year

    • You can enter any country you want freely and without any visas.
    • When you enter any country - you have to pay a fixed tax every month (defined by each country separately) during the first year.
    • You have to have/find any legitimate source of income to become a tax resident of the country during the first year.
    • If you have no source of income - you must leave the country for half a year. Then you can repeat the process.
  2. Tax residence

    • If you are a tax resident - you do not pay a fixed tax, but you start paying a standard variable (progressive) tax.
    • There is no double taxation between countries.
    • You have to live in the country for 4 years to get a status of permanent resident.
  3. Permanent residence

    • You become a citizen of the country and get the election right and all other unique rights in the given country.
    • You are free to leave the country and become a permanent resident of any other country anytime.


I think this simple system can change the world.
I think, it is possible to make it work with knowledge and technologies we have today.
I think in this case we will have a better competition for talents between countries.
I think this system can promote diversity and make humanity better.
I think this is the way to make government and country become a servant, not a master.