IT Skype Chats in russian


Many programmers neglect the power of soft skills and communication, as well as the power and influence of the communities in software development process.

I think that communication skill is a cornerstone of successful IT career and everyday well-being.

I was involved in the community activities for the first time when I've moved to Odessa, Ukraine. Believe me or not, but this activity gave me the best professional growth boost so far!

It's much easier to solve the problem by getting the direct and almost instant tips from highly professional developers (I call them "the Knowledge Cache"), than to google it or lurk through StackOverflow trying to get your head around those pesky little pitfalls.

And new connections and hanging out in person are simply worthless.

Hanging out

You can join some of those communities too. And if you happen to speak Russian, you will soon find a couple of great IT chats :)

Chat rules

  1. Do not be rude.
  2. Read chat guidelines (using /get guidelines skype command)
  3. Use tags (@link, @question, @job, etc)
  4. The main language is Russian, but feel free to ask questions in English as well.
  5. Turn off alerts using /alertsoff command.

Note for recruiters: nobody likes annoying people. You guys have the most chance to be banned. If you want to hunt someone - talk to chat creator first to know all the job proposals rules in the chat. Use /get creator skype command to find the Skype name of the chat creator.

Note for "silent readers": There are two facts to be aware of:

  1. Nobody likes silent people messing around. They are too creepy.
  2. Skype chats have a limited capacity (300 ppl max).

So you must communicate to lower the chance of being kicked. Ask questions. Give answers. Become a part of "take and give" culture.


Frontend UA - discuss all frontend-related questions: frameworks, html and css tricks, how-tos, mobile web development, phonegap issues and many more.

AngularJS UA - everything related to AngularJS development.

Ember Chat - frontend development using Ember framework

Python UA



Android Chat

Scala UA - scala and jvm-related talks. ScalaChat - scala, FP, general programming.



SwiftChat - swift, iOS and OSX development

Cocoa Chat - read guidelines or be banned!


Go Lang

DIY / Glory to the sad sad Robots.

Dart group

.NET / C# / Windows Azure

Startups, Entreprenership

Mobile Web UA