Coffee Script Pros and Cons

CoffeeScript FTW

Why CoffeeScript rules?

  1. Sugar - coffee script has some highly useful syntax sugar: arrows, comprehensions, desctructuring, etc. You'll get used to those features in a week. You life will change. You won't regret.
  2. Less boilerplate - the amount of coffee code is in average 30% less than js code.
  3. Ruby-like style - some people like it.

Why CoffeeScript sucks?

  1. You have to learn it - though it takes from 2 days to 2 weeks.
  2. Awkward style - coffee is very ruby-like. Some people hate that style.
  3. You have to control non-printable characters - additional indent can ruin your code.
  4. No braces - indentations denotes the blocks.
  5. It compiles in javascript - you have to know javascript to write in coffee efficiently.
  6. You can use it a team only if the whole team knows coffee - or you have to teach everyone and correct their style, listen to their moaning, etc.

Should I try CoffeeScript at all?

Yes, you should.
The investment of 2 weeks are worth it.

Some of those sugar will be included in ECMAScript 6.
As an alternative, you can use ES6 today.